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In 2008, a construction machine hit a steel structural support column during earth works in the area of gas pipe route. As a result, a risky deflection of some support columns was observed. As part of a team of two surveyors, I analysed safety of the damaged structure and prepared the concept of temporary protection measures. The issue was urgent due to the real risk of construction disaster.



Problem outline and description of supporting structure


     A pipe-bridge of two-branch steel columns at two different heights, was the supporting structure of the gas pipe (Fig. 1). Two pipelines were directly supported on lower columns (ca. 6 m high). Higher two-branch columns (ca. 11 m high) and a spandler beam were the support for the pipe running over the hardened temporary road (Fig. 1).

Careless operation of the construction machine while performing the earth works under the gas pipe damaged (buckling) a branch of the lower two-branch column of the pipe-bridge (Fig. 2). The damaged column caused the inclination of other adjacent columns and thus, caused the state of unstable equilibrium of the supporting structure which was dangerous due to the presence of operating gas pipe. 


Fig. 1. Supporting structure for the gas pipe with the temporary wooden knee braces at columns


Fig. 2. View of slight buckling of the steel column branch caused by the impact of the vehicle


Method of structure protection


     Computational analysis of safety of gas pipe steel supporting structure indicated the necessity of applying reinforcement in the form of over ten knee braces. Diagonal knee braces were performed as steel pipes fixed to horizontal channels which transmitted vertical impact to soil through railway wooden sleepers. The steel knee brace transmitted horizontal impact to steel stays welded on outer branches of the protected columns. It was necessary to protect the higher column of the pipe-bridge by using the additional local reinforcement by welding four iron angles on its both branches.  



author: Mariusz Jaśniok

company owner of CorrTEST

15 October 2008

Safety analysis and construction design of protecting the deflected GAS PIPE structure in Katowice