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Building surveyor  

in structural engineering specialization, including civil and industrial engineering designs, corrosion diagnostics and protection of structure against corrosion (2017)


Building licence 

to design and manage construction works without restrictions licences in the construction and civil engineering fields (2005)



Master of Science

in civil engineering, specialization 'structural engineering' (1995)



of Technical Science in civil engineering, specialization 'concrete structures' (2002)


Habilitated Doctor  

of Technical Science in civil engineering, specialization 'concrete structures' (2014)

Structural analysis and design of the necessary demolition of a 96 meter brick chimney in Bytom (2011)

Safety analysis and construction design of protecting the deflected gas pipe structure in Katowice (2008)

Studies on the corrosion risk of reinforced concrete water tanks in south-west part of Poland (2012)

Feasibility analysis of partial demolition of flat-slab structure of the office building in Bytom (2009)

Strength and corrosion tests on main structural elements of the old railway building in Katowice (2009)

Tests on corrosion progression in the steel reinforcement of 12 reinforced concrete silos for cement in southern Poland (2012)




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mobile: +48 692 246 710

email: mariusz.jasniok@corrtest.pl


PL 44-121 Gliwice, 45/4 Szafirowa

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review of author's publications on building engineering



author's educational videos on modeling and design of building structures



review of completed expert's surveys and articles on the fundamentals of design and structural modeling 

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technical opinions

inspections of civil structures

assessment of technical condition 

testing and corrosion diagnostics 

designs of structure repairs 



building surveyor

building licence without restrictions

profesor and ekspert at SUT

25 years of professional experience

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CorrTEST - Mariusz Jaśniok - rzeczoznawca budowlany

address: PL 44-121 Gliwice, 45/4 Szafirowa

NIP: 626-192-52-08   REGON: 362494036

email: mariusz.jasniok@corrtest.pl

website: corrtest.pl

mobile: +48 692 246 710

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