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Construction expertise, technical opinions, projects, structure tests, building diagnostics


  • technical condition assessment of residential, industrial and public buildings,
  • assessment of the possibility of changing the use of the room or building,
  • assessment of the causes of moisture in walls, floors and fungus formation,
  • assessment of concrete strength by non-destructive and destructive methods,
  • non-destructive identification of the reinforcement in the concrete structure,
  • assessment of the frost resistance of concrete,
  • assessment of the effects of fire on the load-bearing capacity of the building,
  • advanced corrosion diagnostics of concrete and reinforcing steel in concrete.

Completed expert's surveys

15 January 2010
While constructing a residential building with the flat-slab structure in 2008, the foundation slab, columns and walls of the underground floor were subjected to inclination and cracks. Damage was mainly
15 October 2009
A flyover built in the 1970s along the district road in Zakopane caused concern of the facility administrator who commissioned the technical opinion on its conditions. According to the prepared
15 July 2009
As the old railway building in Katowice was planned to be restored and expanded, the complex tests on technical conditions of the main structural elements, including the original hub columns,
09 October 2008
In 2008, a construction machine hit a steel structural support column during earth works in the area of gas pipe route. As a result, a risky deflection of some support

CorrTEST specialist equipment

Leica Disto S910 Pro Pack laser rangefinder enables measurements of distances up to 300 m and measurements of the geometry of freely positioned elements thanks to built-in computational functions; provides
Wallscanner Bosch D-TECT 150 SV Professional detector detects metals (reinforcing steel, steel profiles, live cables), wood and plastic up to a depth of 150 mm with an accuracy of 5
FLIR ONE Pro thermal imaging camera for thermovision examinations, among others in construction; compact device with a weight of 36 g, connected to the USB port of the smartphone, with
FLIR MR176 thermal imaging moisture meter for measuring humidity of materials in the range of 0% -100%, equipped with an integrated thermal imaging camera with a temperature measuring range from
Proceq Schmid rebound hammer original Schmidt rebound hammer with a measuring range of 10-70 MPa and an impact energy of 2,207 J for non-destructive evaluation of concrete homogeneity and, when
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