This blog has been created to share my knowledge about some topics on construction engineering in an accessible way to students, engineers as well as building surveyors. The content of this page includes both general and professional information. 

Topics explored on this page represent my professional interests as a scientist, an engineer a lecturer. Short papers, tutorials, opinions and comments published on this blog have been written from a perspective of my 30-year experience as an engineer, a building surveyor, a professor at the Silesian University of Technology and now also a Vice Dean for Education at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology.

It is a subjective comment on benefits and problems caused by the equivalent frame method in modern design of structures. I would like to put an emphasis on educational merits
This post describes the main assumption of modelling a two-dimensional equivalent frame for the reinforced concrete flat-slab structure. It shows the modern implementation of calculation algorithms for the equivalent frame
This post describes how to define schemes of permanent and useful loads for equivalent frame model of the reinforced concrete flat-slab structure. In my education video tutorial, I summarise any
This post describes the methodology of defining wind and snow load schemes for the equivalent frame modelling the reinforced concrete flat-slab structure. I focused on some problems and possible errors
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