01 January 2023

Professor Mariusz Jaśniok, DSc PhD CEng

Activities as EXPERT

Building Surveyor in structural engineering specialization including design in the field of general and industrial construction as well as construction diagnostics and protection of buildings against corrosion.

He has a Building License to design and manage construction works without restrictions in the in structural engineering specialization.

Author and a co-author of over 210 expert's surveys, technical opinions, building inspections and designs.

Computational analyses of structures


  • safety analysis of post-tensioned concrete grids in the roof structure of M1 shopping centre in Czestochowa (2006)

  • structural analysis of steel structure of the ice rink hall in Jastrzebie Zdroj (2006)

  • analisis of load-bearing capacity of concrete elements in the structures of the Cultural Centre of Coal Mine (KWK) „Wujek” in Katowice (2007)

  • assessment of the performance and bearing-load capacity of 96-metre-high structure of building in Katowice (2009)

  • diagnostic tests and structural safety analysis of the 40-metre-high, 100-year-old pressure tower in Chorzow (2019)

  • structural analysis of the causes of cracks and scratches in the swimming pool basin in Wisla (2020)


Concepts and designs of strengthening


  • concept of reinforced concrete strengthening of a swimming pool basin at the Sports Schools Complex in Tychy (2007)

  • concept and structural design of protecting the deflected gas pipe structure in Katowice (2008)

  • concept of strengthening the flat-slab structure of the residential building in Silesia (2008)

  • feasibility concept of partial demolition of the building structure in Bytom (2009)

  • scope concept and structural design for the required demolition of 96-metre high brick chimney in Bytom (2011)


Technical tests and corrosion diagnostics of structures


  • tests on corrosion risk of the cup-shaped columns of the old railway building in Katowice (2009)

  • tests on technical conditions of the flyover support along the district road in Zakopane (2009)

  • tests on corrosion risk of reinforced concrete tanks for water embed in ground, in south-west part of Poland (2012)

  • tests on mechanical properties of concrete and reinforcing steel and the corrosion progression in the reinforcement of 12 silos for cement in the cement factory in southern Poland (2012)

  • tests on columns and beams in the reinforced concrete structure of the hall for electrolyte baths in the premises of industral plant in Głogow (2015)

  • tests of the reinforced concrete tank of the sewage pumping station in southern Poland (2017)

  • corrosion and strength testing of reinforced concrete coal silos in KWK Knurow (2019)

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Prof. Mariusz Jaśniok - rzeczoznawca budowlany

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email: mariusz.jasniok@corrtest.pl

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mobile: +48 692 246 710


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  • FULL PROFESSOR at the Silesian University of Technology

  • VICE DEAN for Education of Faculty of Civil Engineering of SUT


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