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concrete, reinforced concrete structures, reinforcing steel corrosion, hot dip galvanized steel, chlorides, EIS, scanning microscopy






Ochrona przed Korozją, vol. 61, nr 7, 2018, s. 176-181

Comparative tests on corrosion of galvanized reinforcing steel in specimens from cement mortar were performed. Ribbed steel of grade B500SP, one of the most commonly used in reinforced concrete structures in Poland, was analysed and hot dip galvanized. Calcium chloride added to batched water, turned out to be a corrosion inducing agent. Specimens without chlorides were used as the reference elements. Corrosion risk of reinforcing steel in the mortar was evaluating using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) techniques. Corrosion effects on galvanized reinforcement in the cement mortar were observed and analysed under the scanning microscope.

Jaśniok M., Kołodziej J., Dudek M.

Assessing effects of chloride-induced corrosion of galvanized reinforcing steel in cement mortar, using impedance spectroscopy and scanning microscopy

01 July 2018
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