01 August 2017

Effects of measured electrical impedance of reciprocally arranged counter electrode and rebar as the working electrode in synthetic concrete pore solution

Pamuła M., Jaśniok M

This paper presents the analysis of real measuring situations which can occur while conducting diagnostic tests on corrosion rate of steel reinforcement in a concrete structure. For the purpose of this research, concrete was modelled with synthetic pore solution with pH = 13.4 to avoid the impact of non-homogeneous structure of concrete on test results. Measurements were performed by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in a three-electrode setup. A working electrode was a steel rebar with a diameter of 22 mm, made of steel grade RB500. A counter electrode was made of stainless steel, and Cl–/AgCl,Ag electrode was used as a reference electrode. The tests included five unsymmetrical arrangements of the counter electrode and the reference electrode against the working electrode. Three different distances between the tested rebar and the counter electrode and three different widths of the counter electrode were assumed as additional variable parameters of the setup. The analysed results indicated a very significant effect of the relative displacement between the working electrode and the counter electrode on shapes of impedance spectra. Variability of other two geometrical parameters seemed to be less important.

Ochrona przed Korozją, vol. 60, nr 8, 2017, s. 255-261

concrete, reinforced concrete, steel corrosion, diagnostics, polarization tests, EIS, impedance spectroscopy, concrete pore solution







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