01 October 2017

Polarization tests concerning chloride impact on protective zinc coatings applied on reinforcing steel in curing concrete

Kołodziej J., Jaśniok M.

We analysed chloride impact on steel rebars with protective zinc coatings and compared them with rebars without any protective coatings. The rebars were tested in concrete with chloride content of 2% cement weight and in reference concrete without chlorides. Polarization tests were conducted in the potentiodynamic mode in the three-electrode system, where the working electrode was the rebar made of ribbed steel of grade RB500, placed in concrete. The tests began two weeks after placing specimens in concrete. They were continued in one- and two-week intervals. The test results showed that at the early maturity age of concrete, quite intensive electrochemical processes took place on the zinc coat surface regardless of chloride presence. When concrete was fully matured, that is, after 28 days according to the standard, electrode processes significantly slowed down and then stabilisedi.

Ochrona przed Korozją, vol. 60, nr 10, 2017, s. 330-334

concrete, steel reinforcement, steel corrosion, zinc corrosion, zinc coating, polarization measurements, LPR, corrosive current density





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